#AskYzerman Twitter Chat Transcript

Friday, 11.09.2012 / 3:30 PM Tampa Bay Lightning

Transcript of Fan Q&A with GM Steve Yzerman

Q: @james_deleary91- Who was your favorite teammate to play with? #AskYzerman

A: I had so many. Gallant, Colin Campbell, Kris Draper, Chelios, Shanny, Larionov, Fedorov, many more

Q: @TylerPyke10- How did it feel to score that OT winner against St.Louis? #snipe #rocket

A: A great experience bc it was the 1st OT winner of mine in the playoffs. A vivid memory to this day

Q: @wteichski11 What was importance of #19, and are you and Joe Sakic close friends after all the comparisons drawn in your careers? #AskYzerman

A: Wore 19 because I tried to emulate Bryan Trottier. I do see Joe whenever we play COL and at league functions

Q: @jamesxs650 What got you through your training? #askyzerman

A: I enjoyed it, but I really enjoyed the desire to get better. That was the great motivator

Q: @kevinkane88 Did you keep your puck when you scored your first goal? #AskYzerman

A: Yes, definitely

Q: @OceanChevy- #AskYzerman Since Lidstrom has now retired, who do you think will be the next great captain for the @DetroitRedWings?

A: Don't know who they intend to name, but I would assume Henrik Zetterberg

Q: @Martangalang What job has more pressure? Being a GM or being a team captain? #AskYzerman

A: They're both comparable, not one more than the other

Q: @meganpofi- @NHL @tblightning What was your favorite NHL arena to play in?? #AskYzerman

A: Besides Joe Louis Arena, I would say the buildings in Toronto and Montreal

Q: @ben_hilsen- #AskYzerman Who was your hockey idol growing up?

A: Either Bobby Orr or Bryan Trottier

Q: @HashtagSacco- @NHL @TBLightning Who's is the best passer you've ever seen play in the NHL? #AskYzerman

A: Without a doubt, Wayne Gretzky

Q: @DEVIN88MATTERA- #AskYzerman What is the biggest goal scored in your career, in your opinion?

A: Game 2 vs Colorado in the 1997 playoffs

Q: @zamboni332- @NHL @tblightning #AskYzerman What was your favorite part about the #AvsVsWings games back in the day?

A: Always 2 very talented teams who both played exciting styles and many well-played games

Q: @Amags7 What is the best advice you'd give to a hockey player? #AskYzerman

A: Play hard and have fun. It's as simple as that

Q: @wes_snipes169 What was your most memorable game in your career? #AskYzerman

A: Game 4 of the Finals vs. Philly in 1997 or Game 6 of the same year in the semifinals vs. Colorado

Q: @geoffissiffoeg Of all the unsigned prospects, who are you most excited about? #AskYzerman

A: We have several young players who we're excited about, a few in Europe, NCAA and major junior

Q: @MByers009- @NHL @tblightning What was your best memory with the Petes? #AskYzerman

A: Enjoyed playing in Peterborough, learned a lot playing for Dick Todd

Q: @JamesPhillips41- How do you feel about the future of @TBLightning? #AskYzerman

A: Very excited. Have strong group veterans and talented young players

Q: @keatonchiu- What was it like to kiss Martin Lapointe? #AskYzerman

A: We had a very close team back then! #AskYzerman

Q: @ReuschIan- What was your most memorable moment in your NHL playing career? #AskYzerman

A: Winning the Stanley Cup in 1997 at Joe Louis Arena

Q: @StevieY_19- #AskYzerman How much do you miss playing and will you be participating in the 2013 Winter Classic alumni game? #legend #steveycuzhesthebest

A: Don’t miss it at all as a player, being involved in mgmt fulfills all competitive desires I have

Q: @J_cmiller- I'm only 19, but how does someone who’s never played pro go about becoming a part of hockey operations staff? #askyzerman

A: Have to get your foot in the door, start by accepting any opportunity and slowly make a name for yourself

Q: @mt_winston- What goalie gave you the most trouble scoring on? #AskYzerman

A: Martin Brodeur

Q: @Jbreeezy1- Which goalie on our roster is the goalie of the future? #AskYzerman

A: Between Lindback, Helenius, Tik, Janus, Wilcox, Vasilevski, we're excited about the possibilities

Q: @kimmoran0322 Hi Steve! Are you enjoying your post-playing career as much as your playing days? Hope you are happy! Thank you! #AskYzerman

A: Yes, it is challenging but it is a position I really enjoy. Emotions of win/loss are exact same as a player

Q: @StevieY_19- #AskYzerman How excited are you to put together the team that defends the gold medal in 2014? #jealous

A: Extremely excited. It's going to be a great challenge

Q: @meherzadb- Do you think Tampa Bay is "fixed" or is it still in a rebuilding stage? #AskYzerman

A: I don’t feel it is rebuilding, more of trying to be successful and win now without jeopardizing future as well

Q: @annmogo- #AskYzerman Do you ever go to @Everblades games? I was there last night... Miss NHL games!

A: On occasion when it fits in with the schedule, yes I do

Q: @StevieY1- #AskYzerman Who do you see as best d-man in the league at the moment?

A: Shea Weber

Q: @DustinKlavon07- #AskYzerman Describe coming back to Detroit in November of last year. (I was at that game!)

A: It was a good game, and I enjoyed that most of all. Tied game going into the 3rd and thought we played well

Q: @geoffissiffoeg Which player in Syracuse, other than the obvious like Cory, Vladdy, Barbs, etc., has impressed you the most? Palat? #AskYzerman

A: Guys w/o much notoriety are Palat, Johnson and Gudas but we have an excellent deep team. I could name them all

Q: @ChristineLRM #askyzerman What is the most rewarding thing about being a GM?

A: Being able to surround myself with people I enjoy working with. Together we're trying to build smthng special

Q: @RFaas13- #AskYzerman How great was it to see McCarty mess up Claude Lemieux in the '97 brawl?

A: Not something I think much about but certainly added to the great rivalry we had

Q: @Grant_Horvath- How impressed are you with Andrei Vasilevski? He looks like superstar goal tender in the works! Great talent at such a young age #AskYzerman

A: Played great Monday night, he's big, athletic and has great potential. Still young, but don’t want to pressure

Q: @mt_winston- You have one player to start a franchise with using anyone in history, but Gretzky, Orr and Lemieux are taken. Who do you pick? #AskYzerman

A: Gordie Howe bc he was a great all-around player and was able to lead his team for a long time

Q: @dschara36- #AskYzerman Which players (if any) from the Syracuse Crunch do you see making the jump to the Lightning if/when the NHL season starts?

A: Watching the team we have some hard decisions bc so many players are in consideration

Q: @invecta18 Does your family spent much time in Tampa? I know you mentioned sort of 2 city commute your 1st year. Has it changed? #AskYzerman

A: We spend a great deal of time here and really enjoy it

Q: @ChristineLRM #AskYzerman Who in the current roster do you feel best exemplifies what you are trying to accomplish with the #Bolts?

A: Difficult to name 1 player but everyone we have represents what we're trying to accomplish collectively

Q: @C_Bates14- Here's a question for you Stevie: Why'd you leave Detroit? #AskYzerman #ComeBack

A: 14 Had a great desire to be an NHL GM. Always something I wanted to do

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